Spare parts and equipment for snowmobiles

During cold weather

good equipment is essential for snowmobile riders. From us you'll find handguards, bar gloves, heaters and heated grips. Our heater bundles are easy to install thanks to their all-included installation kits.

While you're at it, we recommend changing your old grips to new ones. Different colour options available.

When you're riding on ice or hard surfaces

it is essential to take care of good lubrication of guide rails and sufficient cooling of the engine. Ice scratchers spray snow and ice on the guide rails to help keeping them cooled.

For shock absorber service and repair

You probably need some refill needles. We also have a good selection of ski shocks and track shocks, especially for older sleds.

Rotax engines

are very widely used and there is a huge selection of replacement parts available for them. For example, you'll get Rotax 503 piston kit for less than 50€. We also have low-cost E-TEC cylinders.

From the fuel system

you should always check that the flanges and the primer pump are working properly.

Between rides

it's wise to check that runners or slide rails have not been worn out. Changing old slide rails to new ones is relatively easy job.

Gearbox oil change

should be done annually. Ipone's gearbox oil is suitable for all snowmobiles and we also have gearbox gaskets for the most common snowmobiles; Polaris, Lynx, Ski-Doo...

We have variators and clutches

from the biggest names on the market; CV Tech and Venom (former Comet). For example, you'll get complete variator bundle for Lynx 5900 for less than 500€.

Venom primary springs and secondary springs are easy to choose due to their colouring. They're available for Lynx, Ski-Doo, Polaris, Yamaha and Arctic Cat sleds.

The snowmobile's chain/sprocket ratio can be altered by changing sprocket sizes to suit your preferences and location. We have different kinds of upper sprockets, lower sprockets and chains.

Every snowmobile rider

should know how to change their variator belt and to make sure that they have spare belt and belt tool.

Electric component malfunctions

are unfortunately common. Usually rapid change in temperature and moisture are the cause of ignition coil or rectifier failure.

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